Sienna Mohl


As someone with many interests, Sienna is a sophomore studying Communications and Sales Leadership but has a true passion for acting. She played the role of Sophia in the film and has felt so fortunate bringing her to life. This is Sienna’s second short film; with many years of theatre experience, she has been especially excited to get into film within the last year. In the future she hopes to be lucky enough to continue doing what she loves and someday work in the film industry. Huge thank you to her family and friends for being so supportive and to everyone who worked on the film!


Trevor Earley


Trevor is a 21-year-old actor from East Lansing, Michigan currently earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting degree from Michigan State University, and played the role of Mason. Previously, he has appeared in numerous film projects and theatrical productions, most recently as William in Michigan State's production of Punk Rock.  Upon graduation he plans on moving to Chicago to pursue a career as an actor. He would like to thank the amazing and talented cast and crew of OTWU for giving him such an enjoyable, professional experience.


Haley McFarland


Haley McFarland is a student at Lansing Community College studying psychology. Haley played the role of Riley in the film, and she looks forward to more acting in the future. She would like to thank all of the cast and crew for this wonderful opportunity and for making it a fun experience.


James-Michael Laney


James-Michael Laney is a 2nd-year Master of Public Policy student at Michigan State University. He played the role of Eli in On The Way Up. He acted in plays throughout high school and many years for productions at church, but this was his first time on film. He would like to stay in Michigan and build a life, advise political leaders and community organizations, and make the most of this phase. He thanks God for such interesting opportunities to enhance this life experience, and he gives thanks to the guys in his men's group and the many wonderful friends who support him during these years away from his family and (warm) San Antonio, Texas home.


Steven Neal


Steven is a Michigan State University alumnus and in-service English teacher in southwestern Michigan. He served in the role of Cedric in On The Way Up. In his acting and his teaching, he strives to show the world complex problems and narratives to promote stronger empathy and knowledge. He would like to thank Stuart Heinlein and the rest of the On The Way Up crew for giving him a chance to get back into performance for the first time in a year.